Best and worst QBs of Week 11: DeShone Kizer scuffles

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Best and worst QBs of Week 11: DeShone Kizer scuffles

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Dangerous Minds opened at number one at the box office, grossed $180 million dollars, and spawned a TV series. But    who wrote the book and, y'know, served as the basis for the whole thing   saw precisely zilch in royalties (she did receive some money from the option). The problem is that she signed a contract for 2 percent of the film's net profit, but due to clever Hollywood accounting, a lot of movies never technically make any money. We naturally assume that when an adaptation of your book is that successful, you never have to work again. But Groom was only paid $350,000 for his story, because his contract demanded 3 percent of the profits, and when your movie is Forrest Gump, you sort of have to admit it's made some money. Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis, on the other hand, pulled in $31 million each.

St. Martin's Press, Vintage

Good thing libraries are free. She's a former Navy journalist and Marine Corps officer who took an English teaching job with at risk students from East Palo Alto. Unless you're a skydiving cop who polices the air for free falling criminals, you can't have a jacksonville jaguars jersey cheap more movie worthy biography.

Take one memorable anecdote, for instance. After one of Johnson's students was shot in the leg by a gang member, he called her in the middle of the night to tell her that the rest of the gang wholesale nfl jerseys from china was waiting for him outside. So Johnson got into her Fiat Spider .

dave_7 / Wiki Commons

Another awesome detail cut from the movie.drove to his house, picked him up, and then took him to the basement apartment she rented on Skyline Boulevard outside San Francisco, because she "knew they'd never be able to drive one of those huge gangster cars up there." She literally hid one of her students from murderous gang members in her own home for a few days until they were able to sneak him out of the country like some kind of teenage Edward Snowden. But apparently this wasn't engaging enough, so in the movie version, they just had the guy killed off screen. But not before they tried to make it oh so much worse. "I said, 'It's child abuse, statutory rape, and a felony offense. I would lose my license and go to jail. I do not have any money, but I will sue you if you do this. I don't sleep with children.' They never invited me back to the set."We're not sure what they feared more: a production stuck with lawsuits or their jacksonville jaguars jersey uk asses stuck with her boot.

It seems her plea was convincing, though, since Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't bang any teenage boys in the film. Tambourine Man" and explaining that it's secretly about a pot dealer. Then she challenges them to a "Dylan/Dylan Contest," in which they have to find a Bob Dylan song that sounds like a Dylan Thomas poem   with the promise that whoever wins gets to take her on a dinner date.

The reality is far less stupid. Johnson got the kids interested in poetry by having them analyze the poetry in rap lyrics. Stuff they actually cared about. "The kids won't care about Bob Dylan, and smoking pot is not a big deal," she told us. "I knew that if I mentioned the word 'poetry,' they'd shut down, so I brought in lyrics to '911 Is A Joke,' printed out like poetry."

She asked them if they considered the lyrics poetry. They weren't sure. They wanted her to tell them. She made them decide. Poetry it was, and poetry they read. All kinds of poetry, including Shakespeare's sonnets. And it worked: Later, she overheard her students listening to rap on the radio, and one of them pointed out that the song they were listening to had "internal rhyme."

Do not go gentle cheap super bowl jerseys into that good black planet

We're not the first ones to notice this change, by the way. When Roger Ebert reviewed this movie, he wondered if they cut that out because they didn't want to stretch white audiences' disbelief by implying that hip hop could be art. "Hip hop? Art? That's absurd!" cried Hollywood of the '90s. "That's clearly not art. You wanna see art? Check out these extremely detailed sketches we made of Michelle Pfeiffer banging a freshman!"