Other Mattel V-RROOM! Vintage Toys Wanted

Looking for Mattel V-RROOM! toys other than bicycles and tricycles? Post what you're looking for here! No matter how you spell it, V-RROOM!, VROOM, VRROOM, V-ROOM or V-RROOM, this is the place to post your Vintage V-RROOM! toy needs.
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1963 Vroom Yellow Dump Truck parts wanted or whole by YellowDumDum
by Russ Foster
V-RROOM Dump Truck Battery cover by Russ Foster
by Russ Foster
Where do I find a key for a reasonable price? by xtal_01
by The Doctor
Mattel V-RROOM! Toys Wanted - Let me know what you have! by V-RROOM!master
by patrick