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Stallion Shocks

I'm in need of a shock for my Stallion. One is broken in half and I'm not sure if it is repairable. Has anyone ever taken one apart and rebuilt it? If you have a spare you'd part with, please contact me.

In the meantime, I've adapted a pair of shocks off a 1964 Honda Cub 50. As you can see in the photo, they are basically identical in length.

Swapping mounting hardware, along with some spacers, plus fresh chrome and paint, and you can see the results in the next pic.

They are a bit heavier, plus they provide a quite stiffer ride, but this is a non-issue since I intend to reinstall the correct shocks once a proper replacement is found.

FYI, shocks off a Honda Z50R will fit, although they are a bit longer, plus they have exposed springs. They won't look close to correct, but they may provide a softer ride versus the Cub 50 units. Please contact me if you have an extra Stallion shock. Thanks